9 free programs every computer should have

10 Feb
Hello to all my friends.Today I am going to show you “9 free programs every computer should have”.

1.Web browser:


When you install a new Windows 7 or Windows 8 etc. Internet explorer is installed in your PC. But Internet Explorer is not a very good web browser.So you need to download and install another web browser in your computer.I think Google chrome is the best,fast,free and my favorite web browser. It is the most popular web browser created by Google. It is very fast and reliable web browser.To download Google chrome web browser just go to this link and download the Google Chrome web browser for free. So I recommend Google Chrome web browser. After downloading just open the downloaded file and it will automatically install into your computer.



For communication with each other we can use mobile phones,telephones and telegrams etc.But in computer  to communicate with each other you need a software like Skype and Google talk etc.You can send messages with social websites like Facebook and Twitter etc, but to make a call or video call you need to download Skype.
Skype is a free, fast and easy to use software available for Windows,Mac and Linux.With Skype you can send and receive messages,make a call and video call etc.There are many other features available in Skype e.g you can make a call with a mobile number or with Landline number.But it is not free you need to pay some dollars to make a call.To download Skype for Windows just go to this link.To install Skype just go to this link and follow the instruction.

3.Media player:


Windows 7 or XP has a built-in program called Windows media player.It is a media player that can open many media files like mp3,mp4 and 3gp etc but it cannot open many other formats like flv etc.To open that formats you need a media player.I recommend VLC media player.A very popular,free and fast media player which can open almost any media format.You can watch movies,songs,mp3 songs and other videos with it.To download VLC media player just type “vlc media player free download” in any search engine and download VLC media player from any website like filehippo.com etc.To install VLC media player go to this link and follow the intruction to install it.



Antivirus software is a computer program that detects,prevents and takes action to deactivate or remove malicious programs (Viruses,worms,adwares etc).
Antivirus program runs in background all the time and informs the user when some malware is detected.To download AVG Free Antivirus just go to this link and download the file. To install AVG Free Antivirus just go to this link and follow the instructions.

5.System Tuning:


Without a system tuning software, your computer will slow down very soon. There are many built-in system tuning programs like error checker and disk defragmenter etc but I recommend  CCleaner program.It is a free,tiny,fast and easy to use software.CCleaner can optimize your computer,solve registry errors and clear errors of web browser.To download Ccleaner just go to filehippo.com and download it.To install just go to this link and follow the instructions.

6.Download manager:


Every browser have a built-in downloader but these downloads are too slow.For fast downloads you need a download manager.I recommend Internet Download Manager (IDM). It increases the downloading speed by 5 times e.g If the speed of your connection is 30 KB.It will increase your speed from 30 to 60 kbs.IDM is a fast,popular and a free windows program.You can download it from this link. IDM is a trial of 30 days. Don’t download life time crack for IDM because cracks always have some malwares.To install Internet Download Manager justgo to this link and follow the instructions.

7. Utorrent:


Sometimes you download a torrent files.But when you open that file an error occurs.To open torrent files I recommend to use Utorrent.It is a free,fast,tiny and easy to use program.It is a torrent downloader.To download go to this link and download Utorrent free.To install Utorrent just go to this link and follow the instructions.



You download a file like game.rar and try to open it but an error occurs.Because there is no built-in program in windows for rar file format.To open that rar format files you need to download Winrar program.  Winrar is a tiny,fast and a free program.
WinRAR is a program that completely supports RAR and ZIP archives and is able to unpack CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z archives.
To download Winrar just go to this link and download Winrar. To install Winrar just go to this link and follow the instructions.



Sometimes you download a file like tips.pdf and when you try to open it an error occurs.Windows has a built-in program for text files “note pad”. To open PDF files you need to download Adobe Reader program.It is a free,fast and easy to use program for reading any file.It was released in 1993.To download Adobe Reader just go to this link and download Adobe Reader. To install Adobe Reader just go to this link and follow the instructions.

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What is antivirus,widely used antiviruses,how to scan a pc and reviews of antivruses

9 Feb

What is a antivirus program:

Antivirus software is a computer program that detects,prevents and takes action to deactivate or remove malicious programs (Viruses,worms,adwares etc).
Antivirus program runs in background all the time and informs the user when some malware is detected.
Antivirus software protect computer connected to the network computers.
Some examples of antivirus software are:

  • Symantec Antivirus software
  • McAfee Antivirus software
  • AVG Antivirus
  • Kaspersky
  • BitDefender
  • Nod32

Widely Used Antivirus Software:

Everyday new viruses are spreading and infecting millions of computer across the world.For all computer users it is very important to have proper antivirus program installed in their  computers to secure the data and programs.
Following are some widely used antivirus programs.
  • Symantec Antivirus (SAV)
  • McAfee Antivirus
  • AVG (Antivirus Guard)

Symantec Antivirus:

Symantec Corporation is the largest maker of security software for computers.Symantec Antivirus (SAV) is a very powerful effective program, which can protect computers from different kinds of safety issues.
Following is a list of features of Symantec Antivirus software:
  • Symantec Antivirus (SAV) performs virus scanning both on-demand and real-time in the background while using the computer.
  • Protects a computer against the latest viruses,spyware and other threats.
  • Lets user chat,e-mail and share files without worry.
  • A quarantine feature isolate infected files in a safe area on the computer until they are repaired.
  • The Live Update feature ensure that the SAV scanner always has the latest Virus Definitions.

McAfee Antivirus:

McAfee Virus Scan is an antivirus program created and maintained by McAfee Incorporation.McAfee antivirus offers effective security to the computer from attacks of malware.
McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise combines antivirus, anti-spyware,firewall and hacking prevention technologies to stop and remove malicious software.

AVG Antivirus:

AVG is antivirus software developed by AVG Technologies, a private Czech company formerly known as Grisoft.It provides Internet security for Windows,Linux and Mac OS X.AVG stand for Antivirus Guard.
One version of AVG is available for free which can be downloaded from the Internet.
The AVG Free Edition application provides basic protection for surfing,searching and social networking.AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is only available for single computer use for home and non commercial use.
In AVG, updating of virus definitions is performed automatically.

Scanning a Computer for viruses:

Scanning the computer for threats like viruses, worms and adwares etc is very important to keep a computer system in good working condition.It helps to protect a computer from different computer security threats.
User needs to install antivirus software on the computer to perform this very important task. The antivirus software enables the user to detect and remove computer viruses and also repair infected files if possible.

Scanning Computer Using AVG Antivirus:

Follow these steps to scan the computer using AVG antivirus software:
Run AVG antivirus software using the following steps:
  • Click Start > programs > AVG Free Edition >AVG Antivirus Free Edition for Windows
  • Click “Update Manager” for updates (Internet connection is required). Always check for updates before scanning computer.

Once you start the update, AVG will first verify whether there are new update files available. If so, AVG start  their downloading and launches the update process itself.Once it finishes downloading the update, it will install it, and may restart AVG Free Edition.

  • Click “Scan now” button and it will then start scanning the computer for infected files.This will take some time.
  • The “whole computer Scan” option can be launched directly from the scanning interface by clicking on it, the scanning will start.
  • If viruses are detected, they will be automatically removed or sent to the “virus vault”.
I hope you like my post and feel free to comment.

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Types of malware,how they harm your pc and how to remove them

8 Feb


Malware programs are very malicious programs that harm your computer without your knowledge.There are many kinds of malwares.


A virus is a malicious computer program designed to harm your computer.It replicates itself. The ability of replicating, can affect your computer without your permission.It is a very common computer security threat.It is spreading in a very large quantity such as Email attachments,USB and downloading files from Facebook and from other websites.

How to remove virus:

There are many ways to remove a virus but the best option is to download and install an antivirus.Many free and paid antiviruses have developed to remove viruses.But I recommended Avast! and AVG free antivirus 2014.You can download Avast! from many websites such as filehippo.com etc.After downloading Avast! you need to install Avast! into your computer.To read steps about how to install Avast!.Just go to the given link below.



Spyware is a program designed to harm your computer.It is designed to collect data of your infected system and to send them to a 3rd party software ( a ftp website) via the Internet without user knowledge.

How to remove spywares:

There are many ways to remove spywares from your computer.To remove spywares from your computer just download Avast! Free Antivirus from any website and install it into your computer.To register and install Avast! into your computer just go to the site given below.

Click here for instructions.


  Trojan Horse is a program designed to harm and hack your computer.Trojan Horse is a program that if you try to open this program someone can view your file.He can format your hard drive,control your mouse disable your antivirus etc.He can control your computer.The Trojan does not replicate.Prorat is the example of Trojan Horse.

How to remove Trojans:

There are many ways to remove Trojans from your computer.To remove Trojans from your computer just download Avast! Free Antivirus from any website and install it into your computer.To register and install Avast! into your computer just go to the website given below.

Click here for instructions.


A computer word is a malicious program designed to harm your computer.A worm is a type of virus that can replicate itself.Then it performs action to harm your computer without your permission and knowledge.

How to remove Worms:

There are many ways to remove Worms from your computer.To remove Worms from your computer just download Avast! Free Antivirus from any website and install it into your computer.To register and install Avast! into your computer just go to the website given below.

Click here for instructions.


A keylogger is software that records keystrokes to steal information and passwords.There are two types of keylogger:
1. Software keylogger
2. Hardware keylogger
Software keylogger install into yourcomputer and send the information of your computer to a ftp website.
Hardware keylogger plugs into the port of keyboard of your computer and steal your computer information.To remove hardware keylogger just unplug the keylogger from port of keyboard.

How to remove keylogger:

There are many ways to remove keyloggers from your computer.To remove keyloggers from your computer just download Avast! Free Antivirus from any website and install it into your computer.To register and install Avast! into your computer just go to the website given below.

Click here for instructions.

Malicious programs can harm your computer without your knowledge.So always keep your antivirus on.Update your antivirus daily and I advice you to not do hacking because hacking is illegal.

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4 Feb

There are many people asking for how to prevent Facebook hacks.There are many ways to hack Facebook but hacking is illegal.So today I am going to show you how to prevent Facebook from hacking.

1.Do not click on any link:

First and many important thing Do not click on any link Because almost anyone know phishing.Phishing is a trick to hack Facebook account.In this method someone creates a website and upload some phishing file on that website.

Then he post a link or send you a message saying: How to lose weight.When you click on that link.You see a Facebook page asking to login into Facebook and read article.You will simply enter your Facebook id and password.When you enter your id and password and click login or hit enter.Your given details are saved in a file like Facebook.txt on the website’s file manager.So don’t click on any link.Think before you click.

2.Account’s information:

To prevent your Facebook account from hacking change your password daily.Use a strong password.To use a strong password just follow these tips.

Use a minimum 10 digits password.

Use a capital letter.

Use almost 1 digit.

Use a special letter (&,%,* etc).

Using of a strong password is important because if you choose a weak password someone can easily hack your account using brute force attack.So please choose a strong password.

Use privacy for your mobile number,email address and other things like that.Check that no one can see your email address.Because I know hacking of Facebook.Someone can hack your account easily with your email address.

3.Don’t download and install any app:

If your friend send you a link and say you to download that app like bomb game.exe,tom picture etc.Don’t open that file without scanning that file.Just scan that file with any antivirus and if that file is a malicious program like Virus,rat and key logger etc do not open that file.If you open that file someone can easily view your computer logs.If it is a key logger file someone can can easily view your ids and password.Always use a anti-virus program and update it every day.You can download Avast! free antivirus or AVG free anti-virus for free.

4. Keep your password secret:

Don’t tell your password to any one.If someone use social engineering like (what type of password do you have digits only or alphabets only). If you tell him that your password consists only digits.He can use brute force attack and he will find your password very easily.If a 3rd party software or website ask you to enter your Facebook id and password.Don’t tell him your id or password.

5. Some other tips:

Always log out from your account before closing your web browser.Always clear your caches because someone can easily hack your Facebook account using caches with side hijacking attack.

Want to make money online with some clicks?

1 Jan

Want to make money online with some clicks?

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Prevent WordPress Hacks

12 Nov

Prevent WordPress Hacks

There are Four Main WordPress Vulnerabilities

  1. Brute-Force Login Attempts
    Hackers use automated scripts to find WordPress log in pages and submit different usernames and passwords over and over again in an attempt to figure out the correct combination.  Recently, a large number of sites with the username “admin” had been hacked because that username is very predictable.  Short log-ins that use words found in the dictionary are also especially vulnerable.  If your WordPress installation came with the user “admin” already set up, set up another user with administrative privileges and delete the “admin” user.  Using a username and a password that is long, containing no common dictionary words, using upper and lowercase letters, using numbers and special characters is recommended.  Moving the admin panel login to a custom URL is also recommended.  Finally, limiting the number of unsuccessful logins and banning IP addresses who perform many unsuccessful attempts to login will help to prevent Brute-Force WordPress Hacks.
  2. Default Prefix for WordPress Tables
    In the database which contains all of the content for your website, there are many tables.  Each of these tables has a prefix which in many cases is “wp_”.  Hackers know that most installations use “wp_” as the default prefix for the database tables and they exploit this commonality.  Changing the prefix can be done in the WordPress installation process.  Any prefix that is less predictable would help.  You can also change the database prefixes after by making several manual changes to the database or by installing a WordPress security plugin.  Smart hackers may still be able to see your new prefix for your WordPress tables, but making this change will at least prevent hackers who are using automated scripts which rely on the most predictable characteristics of WordPress.
  3. SQL Injection
    A SQL injection attack comes when hackers embed commands into their URLs which cause changes in the database or cause the database to reveal something about itself which makes it vulnerable for additional attacks.  URL hacks can also execute PHP commands which can open the door to malware or reveal additional vulnerabilities.  The best defense is to change your .htaccess file.  This file defines the rules for your hosting environment.  You can set up rules to prevent many types of SQL injection and URL hacks.
  4. Accessing Important Files
    All WordPress sites contain certain files, which if accessed and changed could cripple a site or give hackers access.  The .htaccess file can be changed to also prevent direct access to these files.  It is important to prevent access to readme.html, license.txt, install.php, wp-config.php, error_log, fantastico_fileslist.txt and fantversion.php.

What You Can Do If Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked

  1. If you can still get into your website’s admin panel, immediately change all usernames and passwords.
  2. If you can restore the site from a backup that happened prior to your hack, do so.  If you do restore from backup you may need to change your usernames and password again.  If your host is not keeping backups, they should.  If your not sure if the site is backed up, ask your host and ask to have one backup for you to store on your local computer.
  3. Check your computer for Malware.  Sometimes hackers get access to sites by hacking a computer first and monitoring your key strokes.  If you type in a username and password they will record it and use it to hack your site.  Microsoft has a free malware protection tool.  Avoid getting malware in the first place by not clicking on suspicious links in emails, and not installing programs such as free browser plugins if you do not know the source.  Many useful and free programs come with malware.
  4. Change your security keys.  Even after you have changed your passwords, hackers can still get into your website because they have cookies that enable their access.  To eliminate this access you can change your security keys.  The WordPress key generator will create new keys for you which you can update in your wp-config.php file.
  5. Search through your code for backdoors left by hackers.  Strange bits of code that you can not identify a purpose for could be left behind by hackers to give them the ability to come back at any time.  If you have already restored from backup to a time before your site was hacked, this could should not be there, if it is, your backup didn’t go far enough back.  You may need to find an older backup.
  6. If you can’t restore the site from a backup and if it is too difficult to clean out the hacker’s code, it may be easier to start over from scratch.  Hopefully you have your content (the text) saved somewhere locally on your computer or maybe you can scrape it off of what is left of your site.  If not, try checking The way back machine to see if they have a cashed version of your site.  You can also try to check Google’s cache.  To do so, search Google for “site:domain.com” (replace domain with your domain name.  That should give you a list of all pages on your site which Google has in it’s database.  Under each page you should see a small pulldown menu and in that menu you select cached.  You can then copy and paste any text that you find.  Your next step is to to a brand new installation of wordpress, install your theme (hopefully you still have the theme files) and begin to repopulate your site with it’s content.

How to Prevent Your WordPress Website from Being Hacked

  1. Keep your WordPress website updated with the latest version of WordPress.  Wordpress is regularly upgraded with new functionality and wity security measures that help stop hackers.
  2. Use complex usernames and passwords as described above.
  3. Install security plugins such as Better Wp Security.  It covers most of the wordpress vulnerabilities mentioned earlier in this blog post.
  4. Install Wp admin scan.  It will scan your code and look for anything that is out of place like malware.  It will also make you aware of any vulnerabilities that it finds.
  5. Change the prefix of your WordPress database tables.
  6. Make the changes described earlier to your .htaccess file to prevent hackers from accessing important files that could cause vulnerabilities if accessed.  Also make changes to your .htaccess file to prevent SQL injection and URL hacks.
  7. Move your admin panel login to a URL that is not so easily identified and not common.  Limit the number of unsuccessful login attempts.


– See more at: http://zerogravitymarketing.com/wordpress-security/#.UoG7jNKmiNA

Hack Computer With Prorat Tutorail

11 Nov
Tools made of Turkey is very unusual, this tool is used to infiltrate other people’s computers. The trick is very simple and easy, we live to know the IP and port the victim’s computer, then we can directly infects.

prorat download here

A. How to use ProRat 

1. First time we have to know in advance the IP and Port victims open. We can do it by hand or even with the help of Ports Scanner.

From the picture above we know all of the computer’s IP port is active and which are open. Who will be the victims in our experiment this time is a computer with the IP

2. The next step is we run ProRat, these tools can be downloaded at http://www.prorat.net. Before you turn the first Anti Virus (disabled), because ProRat will be detected as a virus. Though he’s not harmful to your computer. After that, fill in the form the victims IP IP and port (default 5110).

When we click on the Connect button to connect the victim’s computer can not, because we have not the victim’s computer infection. To infect the victim’s computer we first create a server that will run on the victim’s computer. I click the Create button – Create ProRat Server. Then Notifications appear:

Tick ​​the option Use Proconnective Notifications and enter the IP (DNS) IP address with us. In the General Settings tab we enter the Server Port (default 5110), and Victim Name Server Password.

In the Bind with File tab we can smuggle a file that will be run jointly Server. Free file extension.

Next is the Server Extensions tab, there are several options server extension. We select the 
extension. Exe.

To make our server icon Icon Click the Server tab, select whatever icon you want.

The final step of making this server is click Create Server.

Once successful, will appear:

3. We just run the Server dikomputer victims. The trick is up to you … want to secretly infiltrated or using Social Engineering techniques and you can also infeksikan directly on the computer (if biased sihh).
4. Once the server is successfully running on the victim’s computer, then we immediately try to connect to it with our computer.
5. For the connection we can use ProConnective or directly typing in the IP address and port the victim’s computer. ProConnective is innate tools of ProRat that serves as a bridge (bridge connection) between the client computer and the server computer (the victim). IP will appear on the victim if he was.

6. After successfully connecting to the victim’s computer, the status of ProRat will change from Disconnected to Connected

. Well … it’s time we play. There are many things we can do on the computer to find out information from the victims such as PCs, send error message, turn off the computer, locking the mouse, open the CD-ROM or even photographing the victim’s face.

8. Now we will see the PC information of victims:

From the picture above we can see the information held on the victim’s computer.
9. We also can send fake error messages to the victim’s computer:

10. install a keylogger

11. And most exciting is to see the face of the victims that we hack.

How exciting is not it? It’s still a fraction of the usefulness ProRat many more other functions, such as the victim’s hard drive formatting, mess registry, steal critical data, and so forth. However, in our discussion this time we both ends meet so, yes. Ok!
Use well yeah …

B. Prevention Method
1. Always update your Anti-Virus to be able to detect the presence of infection ProRat. ProRat server usually detected as
Trojan.Dropper.Prorat.DZ.29, Dropped: Backdoor.Prorat.DZ.
2. Fit Anti ProRat, you can download it at http://www.softpedia.com / get / Antivirus / Anti-prorat.shtml.

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