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How to make 100$ a day for free with Probux and Neobux

26 Mar

ProBux & Neobux
As soon as I got started with ProBux and Neobux, I knew I was going to make some money. Not by doing “tasks” or by completing awfully boring surveys, or winning anything, but by clicking ad’s everyday, and earning rented referrals while collecting direct referrals whenever I can! The trick is, to support your direct referrals and encourage them! Teach them everything you can! Because if they are not making money, then that means you are not making money from them! It’s a team effort! Everybody does what they are suppose to, and everybody earns! Don’t let your referrals give up! There’s large amounts of money to be made for everyone! I promise after this guide you will know exactly how to run your money making business with ProBux & Neobux! If you haven’t signed up for NeoBux or ProBux yet please or would like to re-sign up under my referral links, please do so here:


What is ProBux & NeoBux?
What is ProBux & NeoBux? They are called PTC (Paid To Click) companies – where their members earn by viewing their daily ad’s. They are both trusted websites and give you the potential to make over One Hundred Dollars A Day! How do you make over $100 daily? I will explain all of that to you in the next few steps!
Earning your first $0.60
If you complete every ad, every day for around one week, you will have earned your first $0.60! Doesn’t seem like much does it? Don’t worry, that will change quickly after you buy your first rented referrals with your first $0.60 that took you five minutes a day, and a whole week later to earn! Doesn’t sound fair does it though? 35 minutes of your precious time, and you’ve only earned $0.60! That’s because that’s the hard part. The part where members give up, but for them, they didn’t know what lies after that dreadful week! That’s right! As soon as you hit that mark, that you worked all week to get, go right to the referrals tab and rent your first 3 rented referrals! Now you have earned 3 members to help you earn up to an extra $0.12 a day!
(Tip: You must click your daily ad’s everyday to earn from your referrals that day.) 

Now that you have bought your first 3 referrals, you will have the option to Enable Auto-Pay. I prefer to Enable Auto-Pay because every time your rented referrals are active, you buy them for an extended day instead of paying $0.30 at the end of the month to re-new them! You get a nice discount by using Auto-Pay and you don’t have to worry about it at the end of the month! Less work for you!

Earning with your first RR’s (Rented Referrals)
So your first week is over now and you have 3 RR’s! Within another week you will have earned enough to buy another set of 3 RR’s, with another 3 that’s a total of 6 RR’s which means you can be earning up to $0.20 a day! Your third week, you will be well on your way and with enough cash earned to buy 5 more RR’s! That’s a total of 11 RR’s in your first three weeks for a total of $0.36 a day! Now we’re getting somewhere! In another week you should be happy to see that you will have enough to rent 10 more RR’s for a total of 21 RR’s – WOW! That’s now over $0.60 a day! Remember that first week it took you a full week to only earn that much!? Glad we got past that part huh! Now the only way to go is up! Keep renting them referrals, no matter what! Why do I want you to keep renting? Why don’t I want you to cash out? Read my next step to find out how to really earn multiple dollars a day!
**Note: If a RR is non-active for 14 days, the RR will be replace with a new one, free of charge! (As your business builds, the 14 days can be lowered to a 7 day wait.) You are also given to option to recycle them for a small fee if they are inactive, although I suggest just waiting since it’s free. Until your business has grown and you are experienced enough to manage the money you spend on recycling RR’s! I personally just wait to get them replaced for free! That’s all up to you!
The 300 RR Mark!
Once you have reached 300 RR’s, save up until you have enough money in your account to go Gold! Once you go gold you will instantly double your daily income! That’s right! You will go from making around $6 a day, to $12 with your 300 RR’s! Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Well we’re not done yet! We need more! Trust me, I know you will want to start cashing out with your 300 RR’s but keep saving and renting! With your gold account you be able to acquire 2000 RR’s! That’s nearly $100 a day!
Collecting Direct Referrals!
Spread the news! Share your success with anyone! All of your social sites, blogs, forums, in school, out of school, family, & anyone you can! Tell them all about it and even teach them! Remember the more active referrals you have, the more money you earn! You want them to have knowledge coming into this business, so that they don’t give up! Tell them you will share my guide with them, if they sign up under your referral! There’s millions of ways to advertise your link, don’t be afraid to try every one of them!

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How to open,Unlock or unblock youtube in 4 minutes without any installation

10 Mar
Youtube is the most popular website created on 14 February 2005. Its rank is third on the Internet. Youtube have million of videos. Users can upload,view and share videos. But Youtube is blocked in some countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. All the people need to unblock Youtube for free. There are many ways to unblock Youtube for free.
Today I am going to show you how to unblock Youtube in 4 minutes without any installation just watch the video given below.

If you are facing any problem contact me or describe the problem in comments.

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Top 5 highest paying alternatives of Google Adsense

7 Mar
Google Adsense is an online advertisement or pay-per-click website. Google Adsense released in June 18, 2003. You can earn money with Google Adsense. Google Adsense gives many types of ads to his publishers and Publishers put those ads on their website. When a visitor click on those ads, Publisher gets paid. It is not very easy to get Google Adsense. Every blogger has a wish to get the account of Google Adsense. If Google Adsense rejects you, So don’t worry just choose an alternative of Google Adsense. Today I am going to show you “Top 5 highest paying alternatives of Google Adsense”.

(1) Chitika:

Chitika is a PPC (pay-per-click) website. It is headquartered in West borough, Massachusetts, USA. The name Chitika means “snap of the fingers” in Telugu language. It is found in 2003.It has 35,000+ publishers. It is a good alternative of Adsense. Chitika has two payment options Check and Paypal. The minimum payment amount for check is 50$ and minimum payment amount for paypal is 10$. You can create a free publisher account of Chitika. I am also using chitika ads. For more information go to this link Chitika.

(2) Infolinks:

Infolinks is a private online advertisement company. It is launched in 2011. It is a good alternative of Google Adsense. Infolinks is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. Infolinks gives text ads to their publishers. Infolinks offers several convenient ways for publishers to receive payments: PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts) or Payoneer. The minimum payment amount is 50$.

(3) Tribal Fusion:

 Tribal Fusion is an online advertisement company. Tribal Fusion is headquartered in Emeryville, California. A site must have a minimum of 500,000 unique users per month, a professional site design, an active user base and its own top-level domain URL. I think it is a good alternative of Google Adsense. The minimum payment amount is 50$.

(4) Clicksor:

Clicksor is an online contextual advertising company. It is headquartered in North York, Ontario. Clicksor was founded in 2004. Clicksor is a good alternative of Google Adsense. Clicksor offers three payment methods: PayPal or check in US dollars with a minimum payout of $50, or Wire Transfer with a minimum payout of $1,000 and a $75 administration fee. Publishers can get paid 60% of advertising revenue generated by the website.

(5) Bidvertiser:

Bidvertiser is an online advertising company. It is a good alternative of Google Adsense. Payments are sent via check or PayPal on a monthly basis within 30 days after the end of each calendar month. The minimum payment amount for Paypal is 10$ and for check is 100$.
If you have any question contact me or comment below.

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How to buy a domain and install WordPress for free

5 Mar
A website is a location connected to Internet the that maintains one or more web pages.To open a website you need to type its URL in a web browser e.g www.facebook.com etc.You need some money to buy a website domain and then host it, but today I am going to show you “How to create a website and install WordPress for free”.

Buy a free domain:

It is very easy to buy a domain like .com , .org etc.There are two types of domains first: domain such as .com , .org , .net etc. Second: sub domain such as example.wordpress.com , example.comlu.com , example.blogspot.com etc.Just follow these steps given below to create a subdomain.
  1. Go to www.000webhost.com
  2. Click on Sign up button located at right sidebar.
  3. Type the name of your website e.g tips&tricks under or, I will choose your free subdomain (recommended). Type your name under your Name. Type your email address under your email. Type your Password under Password. Type the password again under Type password again. Solve the CAPTCHA. Read terms of services and tick I agree to Terms Of Service and click sigh up button.
  4. Now confirm your email address. Go to your mail and open the mail of 000webhost and verify your email address.

Congratulations you have created a sub domain for free.

Install wordpress for free:

For posting you will need to install wordpress.To install wordpress for free just follow the steps given below.
  1. After confirmation go to 000webhost.com and click members area located at right sidebar. Enter your email address, password and solve the captcha  and click sign in button.
  2.  Find the name of your website and click go to Cpanel. Scroll down and open MySQL.
  3.  Enter the name and user name of MySQL. Type the Password and repeat the password and click create database button. Now save all the details.
  4. Go to wordpress.org and download the latest version of wordpress.Go to filehippo.com and download filezilla program.
  5. In CPanel of your website click view ftp details.save these details.
  6. Open filezilla program. Type the FTP host name in host, FTP Username in Username, FTP password in password (from details that have saved in step 5) and click quick connect.

    8. Go to your website e.g pctips.hostoi.com  and click create configuration file.Give all the details that we have saved in step 3 and click submit button.
    9. Enter site title,username,password,email and click Install WordPress.
   10. Click login button.
Congratulation you have create a fully powered WordPress blog for free.Feel free to comment.

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How to make a chitika account,tips for approval and put chitika ads on blogger

1 Mar
Chitika is a PPC (pay per click) website. It is located in West borough, Massachusetts, USA. The name Chitika means “snap of the fingers” in Telugu language. It was founded in 2003.It has 35,000+ publishers. It is a good alternative of Adsense.You can create a free publisher account of Chitika. After that you can show Chitika ads on your website and when a visitor will click on the ad. You will earn some money.It is very easy. You need only a website for making money online. To create a free blog go to Blogger or WordPress.

How to make a free Chitika account:

To make a Chitika account for free just follow the steps given below.

  1. Go to Chitika.com .
  2. Click on Sign up button (located at top right side of the page) 
  3. A new page will appear. Enter your E-mail address and click Get started button.Note: please read terms and conditions first.
  4. Now open your E-mail account and check for Chitika E-mail.Once the Chitika E-mail will found open the E-mail and confirm your account by clicking Verify your email address button.

     5.  After verifying your E-mail address you need to fill out a page.
          First name (type you first name e.g Hassan)
          Last name (Type your last name e.g Butt)
          Password (type your password.To use a strong password click here)
          Confirm Password (type your password again)
          Country (select your country e.g Pakistan)
          Website URL (Type the URL of your website e.g bestpctips.blogspot.com
          Client name (Type the name of your website e.g Bestpctips)
          Now click COMPLETE APPLICATION button.

    6.  Chitika will check your website and if they will like your website then they will approve your website otherwise they will reject your website. Note: This progress can take up to one day.

Tips for Chitika approval:

If Chitika rejects your request just follow the steps given below.
Your blog’s niche, theme or the topic is most important in deciding either Chitika approves your account or not.Sometimes, even blogs and websites with well defined theme are not accepted by Chitika. Site structure is also a problem for prevent Chitika approval.Add a search Gadget to your blog.Use internal linking in your website. Internal linking is very important for your blog’s structure.Write 100% real articles. Do not copy contents from other websites.Use SEO for your blog.

How to put Chitika ads on your blog:

 To put Chitika ads on your blog just follow the steps given below.
  1. Go to http://ift.tt/12HTOkd and click on Login button.
  2. Now login to your account. Click Ads button and Get code.
  3. Select the size of your ad and click on Get code button.
  4. A pop-up will appear.Copy the code from the page.
  5. Now Log into your blogger account.
  6. After loging in to your account go to “layout“.
  7. Choose a location for your blog and click “add gadget “.
  8. A pop-up will appear.You will need to click on HTML/JavaScript to add Chitika code to your blog.
  9. Paste the code of your ad and click save.
  10. Now click save arrangement.

Congratulations now you can make money online for free.When a visitor will click on your ad you will paid. If you have any problem please tell me through comments or contact me.

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How to make a blog,Customize it and Submit a sitemap for free

26 Feb
Blog is a type of website. A blog is a informational website. You can daily update and post new articles in a blog. There are two types of blog (free and paid). Paid blog means that you buy a domain from many  websites like Godaddy.com etc and then install WordPress etc. Free blog means a free subdomain like 
 anyname.blogspot.com, anyname.wordpress.com etc. I  have also a free domain.
How to make a free blog:

I am using Blogger to make a free blog.To make a free blog just follow the instructions given below.
1.Open your browser and go to http://www.blogger.com . Sign in to your Gmail account.
2. Click on new button.Enter title of your blog e.g Best tutorials for computer and internet.

Enter the name of your blog e.g howtosp . Choose your favourite template. You can browse many more templates and customise your blog later.

3. Congratulations You have created a free blog.Now you need to customize it. To open your blog go to blogger.com and click on the name of your blog. Go to settings and click edit button near description. Write description of your blog e.g Here you can find tips and tricks for computer and click save.
4. Now its time for posting articles. To create a new post just click new post.
5. Now write any article. Write title of your post and click publish post.

How to add a new Gadget:

To add a new Gadget into your blog just follow the steps given below.
1. Open your browser and go to blogger.com. Click on the name of your blog.
2. Click on layout button. Here you will find many rows and columns. Click on add a Gadget button. A pop-up will appear. Now click on any gadget and install it. 

How to add a sitemap:

A site map is a list of pages of a website accessible to crawlers or users. Sitemap is very important for your blog. There are many ways to add a sitemap in your blog. To add a sitemap in your blog just follow the steps given below.
1.Open your browser and go to http://ift.tt/1heYLG9 . Sign in to your account. Now click on ADD A SITE button. Type the name of your blog and click continue. Now you have added a site to webmaster tools.
2. Click on the name of your website. Go to crawls and then sitemap.
3. Click on add/test sitemap button and type sitemap.xml and click submit sitemap.
4. Refresh the page and congratulations you have successfully submitted a sitemap. If you have any question please tell me through comments or contact me.

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Best pc tips: Types of malware,how they harm your pc and how to remove them

12 Feb

Best pc tips: Types of malware,how they harm your pc and how to remove them

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